Inspiration for change

Regardless of your health and nutritional goals, achieving them and sustaining the changes can be difficult. Setting goals can give us an initial sense of excitement and motivation. But as days go by, the difficulties and barriers to change can become evident, and motivation starts to waver. Tuning into thoughts filled with doubt, can make it hard to continue to stay on track. If health is important to you, then don’t give up. Here are some tips that can help you set realistic health goals and create a healthier lifestyle.

Make a plan and set SMART goals that are realistic and achievable:

                     Specific….what is the first step you are willing to take towards your goal?

                     Meaningful….why is this goal meaningful to you? Is it based on your values?

                     Adaptive….will this goal help take you in a positive direction that will improve your life?

                     Realistic….will this goal be achievable in the next week? If not, when?

                     Time-bound….now its time to set a day, date and time for your goal!

Values are your compass for life! Ask yourself the following questions: What is the driving force behind my goals? What do I value? What motivates me to make change?

Failure is an opportunity to learn! Having a “slip up” or not succeeding at something isn’t a bad thing. You are not a bad person or a failure. Failure is simply an opportunity to learn more about yourself and to learn how to overcome difficulties.

Mindfulness allows you to become aware of healthy and unhealthy habits without judgment. It also allows you to have the space to redirect your focus to the values you hold. Many of us operate from a state of mindlessness or live in “automatic” mode, where we are unaware of our actions or reactions to situations and thoughts. Simply becoming aware of your thoughts and behavior patterns can help you recognize and discern change that needs to occur.