School Presentations

Jessica is a dynamic and engaging speaker tailoring her presentation to the specific needs of her audience. She empowers those who hear her with practical strategies to improve their health and wellbeing. Jessica’s main passion is to prevent eating disorders and instill positive body image and healthy balanced eating habits in adolescents. To that end, Jessica offers a range of presentations for high school students. Below are some of the topics Jessica can cover in her presentations, which build on one another as part of her integrated approach to tackling these issues.

Nutrition 101. It’s time to let go of all the contradictory messages, and learn the facts about food and nutrition. This session will help you discover: what fuels your metabolism; how to improve your energy levels; how to reduce your risk of chronic disease; and much, much more.

Normal Eating?? With so many “mixed messages” about food and nutrition, it can be very challenging to know what normal eating is and how to eat normally. Many of us end up eating for many reasons other than physical hunger. We eat because we are bored, stressed, sad, happy, angry…..and so on! In addition, many of us feel guilty after eating, say, bread or chocolate. Is food that bad that we should feel guilty after eating it? Discover freedom from emotional eating, “calorie counting” and dieting, and learn how to eat in a healthy, balanced way.

Say NO to Diets! There is always a new diet on the market, with claims that it has all the answers, will help you lose weight and make you feel energised. However, what the dieting industry doesn’t tell you is that every time you go on a diet, you are likely to feel physically and emotionally deprived. Furthermore, dieting will inevitably slow your metabolism down, eventually causing weight gain. This session will explore the harmful impact diets can have – including a critique of the “diet cycle” and the many diet myths that abound.

Mindful Eating. Dieting teaches us to treat our body like a robot. In fact, dieting methods – in combination with a busy lifestyle – can leave us disconnected from our body and its needs. Mindful eating is an easy-to-learn skill, which will teach you to develop a healthy relationship with food and your body. Mindful eating can help you learn to accurately recognise and respond to your hunger and fullness signals, and stop unhealthy eating patterns such as “calorie counting” and emotional eating. This session focus on developing your mindful eating skills.