Changing your Perspective…


Guest author: the author of this piece is a former client who has recovered

“When you first get sick, it’s hard to remember how you lived before. There is no way you could ever imagine how much this illness would hurt, or just how much of your life it would completely consume. It’s like being blindfolded. All you see is the pretty speckles that form in your eyes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel all bruises and bumps from the staircases you fall down, the countless stubbed toes, all those walls you crack your head against.


happy summer


But when you start to feel better, it slowly becomes clear that within the illness you had also forgotten how good it feels to be free, how clear and intoxicating life is. Just like you could never imagine life without your illness, you learn to find it hard to imagine a life where that level of daily pain is a reality. Your perception will change as your life improves.”