Jessica is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) whose focus is to help people develop a healthy relationship with food and their body. Jessica stands by the non-diet and Health at every size (HAES) approach and is trained to equip people to eat intuitively and mindfully.

Specialising in eating disorders, Jessica has worked at St Vincent’s Body Image and Eating Disorder Service and The Melbourne Clinic providing individual and nutritional group therapy.
Buch04 (427x640) In the past, Jessica  has shared her nutritional knowledge with students at Deakin and Swinburne Universities. As well, she has  educated other health professionals about eating disorders.  Dedicated to preventing eating disorders, Jessica also provides interactive talks on dieting and body image to high school students.

Jessica is enthusiastic about communicating her extensive knowledge in food and nutrition in a practical manner. The different stages of life have specific nutritional requirements, and Jessica is able to tailor her approach to person’s age and circumstances. Her warm and gentle manner enables her to engage and communicate well with children, adolescents and adults.

Aside from specialising in eating disorders, Jessica advises clients on a range of specific issues, relating to IBS, food intolerances, diabetes, weight management, and ASD.

Jessica is deeply committed to helping people find freedom from the guilt and shame that accompanies diet rules; and to helping people rediscover a peaceful and joyous relationship with food and their body.

As well as running her own dietetics practice, Jessica does some casual work at the Melbourne Clinic. She provides support to people, in an individual or group setting. As someone who is also mindful of the needs of families and carers, Jessica provides a number of resources that cater for those caring for someone with an eating disorder.

Please Note: Jessica Buchanan will be on indefinite leave from private practice, due to ongoing parenting duties. However, Jessica will be working at The Melbourne Clinic, and is available for seminars and talks. She will endeavour to keep this website updated with her plans. If you have any questions, please contact her at jbdietetics@gmail.com. Jessica will endeavour to respond to any emails sent, but may not be able to do so immediately.